Welcome to my blog! It’s going to be a space where I’ll share my inspirations, motivations and ideas connected with designing experiences. My name is Magda, and I recently graduated from university (I dream big and want to work as a UX designer in the nearest future).

The inspiration for this blog is book by Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore “The Experience Economy” which I read while still attending the university. The book explains why we are willing to pay for good experience and why we should design for the experience (although it’s a book which doesn’t deal with the design directly, nevertheless the principles shown in a book can easily guide you towards more UX conclusions). I also recommend reading it because it highlight the moment in history when the market has bloomed with opportunities for selling experiences – the moment when choices started playing a role in attracting the customers towards certain products (is the experience you’re offering better than your competitors’?).

The book helped me to look at the design from a new perspective. And then I’m asking now: how the design create experience and how to make the experience better with a design.


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